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Vitamin D

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Your Vitamin D supports bone health & can be great if you work in an office all day.
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What the Research Says

Vitamin D, not technically a vitamin but actually a hormone. Vitamin D2 and D3 are the two most important forms for your health. Vitamin D2 is produced by plants, and Vitamin D3 is the one made by your skin when you get enough sunlight. Our vitamin D is in the active D3 form.

Nutritionist - Hannah Richards

Strong Research

What the Nutritionist says

A hormone, and an essential one at that.

How It Helps

There is a clear association in research between Vitamin D levels in our bodies and bone health. This is because vitamin D is known to aid absorption of calcium which is essential for strong and healthy bones.

  • 20+ No Of Studies
  • Yes Double Blind Placebo
  • 2007 Year Of Study

Data from two trials involving 219 women suggest that women who received vitamin D supplements may have a lower risk of pre‐eclampsia than those receiving no intervention or placebo. With respect to infant outcomes, data from three trials involving 477 women suggest that vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy reduces the risk preterm birth compared to no intervention or placebo. Data from three trials involving 493 women also suggest that women who receive vitamin D supplements during pregnancy less frequently had a baby with a birthweight below 2500 g than those receiving no intervention or placebo. 

  • 5 No Of Studies
  • Yes Double Blind Placebo
  • 2016 Year Of Study

Vitamin D metabolizing enzymes and vitamin D receptors are present in many cell types including various immune cells. Several conditions such as tuberculosis, psoriasis, eczema, Crohn's disease, chest infections, wound infections, influenza, urinary tract infections, eye infections and wound healing may benefit from adequate vitamin D levels in the body.

  • 20+ No Of Studies
  • Yes Double Blind Placebo
  • 2013 Year Of Study


Vitamin D

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