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Your oregano supplement acts as a strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent within your body.

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What the Research Says

Wound healing is a dynamic and complex process affected by bacteria prescence, inflammation, and exposure to other contaminants. Oregano has been studied to assist in wound healing due to its antibacterial, antifungal and potential antioxidant properties.

Nutritionist - Nuna Kamhawi

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What the Nutritionist says

Oregano is one of life's tonics and helps heal a plethora of symptoms. Its use for antibacterial and antifungal issues are impressive.

How It Helps

Experiments were conducted to evaluate the in vitro antifungal activity and determine chemical composition of oregano essential oils. The results showed potent anti fungal effects of oregano on candida, these results are promising but yet to be verified in human trials.

  • 2 No of Studies
  • No Double Blind placebo
  • 2013 Years Of Studies



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Organo Extract


1000mg Oregano

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