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Sam (Founder & CEO)
Where it all began

Before I started Personalised Co, my mission was to get healthy and I soon discovered that it was a minefield getting the right supplements and support. The misinformation and overwhelming choice in the retail aisles left me thinking that there was a better way. That's when I started Personalised Co, I believe in  supporting & inspiring people to be healthier through more convenient, sustainable and personalised daily nutrition. This is only the beginning.

Dimitra (Nutritionist)
Experts joining the journey

Dimitra joined us on our mission, a passionate expert in making good nutrition part of people’s everyday lives. She heads up our technical team who formulate our range of nutritional supplements.

Her interest in all things nutritional was sparked by a book she read when she was just 13 years old. Since then, she’s gained a double masters in Nutrition & Food Science, and notched up over fourteen years’ experience working in the industry

High Quality Ingredients

High quality active ingredients, conveniently delivered to create a healthy habit

The ingredients we use are carefully sourced with our manufacturing partner in Oxford. Our nutrition team have experience in developing formulations committing to dosages and active ingredients that have strong research behind it. Convenience sits at the core of the service, and we are building a companion platform that helps you through your ongoing health journey and we are excited to keep bringing out new health products to our community.

Company Values

We believe that climate change is the defining challenge of our generation and that's why we are plastic free unlike traditional mass market vitamin tubs.  Care sits at the core of our company and thats why we integrated free monthly consultation calls as part of the subscription, so we can help on a human level. With so many supplements out there, simplicity in making that choice through our on-boarding journey through our digital platform is what we pride in.


Science team

Dimitra Sentelidou

Lead Scientist & Head of Product

Nuna Kamhawi

Nutritionist Executive

core TEAM

James Ledingham


Claudia Beresford

Social & Community Executive

James Dakin

Head of Warehouse Logistics

Ruby Kohistani

Customer Care


James O’Byrne

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Nick Grimsdick

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Meera Khanna

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Pierce Dargan

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