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Personalised Vitamins for your Baby

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  • Research

    We source the very best ingredients from around the world based on all available research. No sensentional claims and no empty problems. Just science.

  • Happy Gut

    Quality ingredients are of little use if your body cannot absorb them, which is why we prioritise 'bioavailability' (i.e. how effectively an ingredient can be absorbed).

  • Easy

    We provide a simple daily sachet containing all your personalised supps because 'easy' leads to habit forming and habit forming leads to lasting change.

  • Personal

    Whatever your goal, we're here to help. But there's something special and deeply rewarding about supporting your body and your baby get the nutrition they need.

Your Future, Their Future

We know what it means to have a baby; daunting and stressful, obviously, but also exciting and special. We also know that a lot of parents forget how special they are. So, if you are reading this and you're expecting or trying, take a minute to remind yourself that nature gave you everything you need to be a perfect parent.

And at Personalised, we can't think of anything more rewarding or special than giving nature, you and your baby a helping hand.

Transparent With Our Research

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Daily Vitamins for the 2 of You

We’ve developed a range of supplements designed to make mum, dad and babe as happy and healthy as possible.

Support your growing baby

Carefully sourced, high-quality ingredients that help you work your magic...

Baby in utero

Folate 5-MTHF

Folate 5-MTHF 400mg of the active form. Folic acid is the most essential supplement to take from the moment you plan to start a family until 12 weeks of your pregnancy.


Calcium is needed during pregnancy for the formation of bones and teeth. Your body cannot make calcium, which means you need to obtain it from your diet.


Essential for making haemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to other cells.

Vitamin D

The right daily levels are essential for the healthy development of your baby

  1. Preconception

    The most vital stage of the process of having a baby. This is the stage you need to create space for a new member of your family to join, and to take time for you and the changes that are upon you.

    Getting your nutrition right and supplementation is vital to ensure the good health of mother and baby.

  2. 1st Trimester

    The most nervous part of the journey waiting to get to the all clear 12 weeks, yet with optimal nutrition and support you can breeze those the first trimester with ease.

  3. 2nd Trimester

    The honeymod period and the most enjoyable of all the trimesters. Your baby will have eyelashes and a digestive system now and its not long to go.

  4. 3rd Trimester

    the kicking phase. As your baby grows to up to 10 inches this can be an uncomfortable last few weeks as you are longing to meet your baby face to face. Hold on in there it’ll be there before you know it.

  5. Family

    A happy family. Feeding the baby through breast milk now rather than through the umbilical cord your nutrition is still paramount for your ability to get good rest and have energy and for teh health of the babe.

1% of £50,000

We believe that having a healthy baby should not be a privilege

Many people have to choose between not having children and bringing an unhealthy baby into the world. It's an unfair decision for anyone to face and all too often it's caused by a lack of support, education and access to basic nutrition and healthcare. It's something we care deeply about and we're determiend to make a difference.

We've teamed up with mothers2mothers ("m2m"), who operate in 8 African countries and deliver life-changing services to women, children, adolescents and entire families. Initially, m2m focused on preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV. More recently, they have introduced mentoring schemes and built on their experience to address a range of health and social issues. But their vision has not changed and they remain focused on delivering hope and health.

We're supporting their vision by committing £1 from Personalised Prenatal order to mothers2mothers. Our goal is to commit £50,000 by 2022.