Our Mission – The Personalised Co

Our mission

To help an entire generation become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves by providing personalised, daily nutritional products.

We're proud of "just right"

Before we set up Personalised Co. we tried just about every vitamin company. We knew that the right nutrition could make a difference but we also knew there were things missing and things included that we didn't need. We got pretty fed up. And we have to admit, we almost gave up! But giving up is not in our nature and so instead we created a company that believes in "just right". The right amount of the right ingredients and nothing else.

Because healthy makes you happy

We believe that health and happiness are intimately linked. So, by nurturing you no matter what your approach to wellness, we know we'll make you happy. And that makes us happy!

So, whether you’re weight-lifting, hiking or just stretching out on the sofa, we believe that life is for living ... and that you deserve health and happiness.

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Being conscious is at the heart of our business

Now, we aren't saying that we're perfect, but we're trying – bit by bit. In fact, it's our belief that if everyone did their bit in trying to become more sustainable, then we could all build a healthier planet, together. Our bit right now is evolving our packaging to be fully compostable, with all deliveries being carbon neutral. Right now our sachets are recyclable, but our 2nd batch is going to be compostable, and we have even bigger dreams for the future. Healthy people. Healthy planet x

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  • Insight

    We combine nutritional knowledge with innovative technology in order to understand what's right for you.

  • Transparent

    We believe in transparency, which is why we'll always let you know where we source our ingredients.

  • Easy

    One simple, convenient daily sachet - because life is too short for cupboards overflowing with tubs, tubes and pouches.

  • Personal

    Personalisation is also about support, which is why you'll have ongoing (and free!) access to a qualified nutritionist.

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