Our Honesty – The Personalised Co

We promise to be authentic with you

It's easy and might even sound boring. But with big pharma being overrun with confusing, misleading information on magic pills, we're here to make a difference and deliver it to you in plain english.

We promise to give transparent guidance

Transparency is the foundation of all our beliefs & our recommendations. We suggest the products best suited to providing your effective long term health needs. Our algorithm takes in to account every question you answer & then cross references it with 1000s of clinical & scientific studies.

Transparency will define our work

Consumers deserve more & we're here to deliver. It's about time you knew what was in your vitamins and supplements. Being transparent means being honest about our sourcing from around our wonderful planet. We tell you every single time.

Our nutritionist is your nutritionist

At Personalised Co we think it's vital to not only provide personalised supplementation but also personalised consultation.

Every subscriber receives 1 to 1 nutritionists support for no extra cost. and yes, forever.

  • Insight

    We combine nutritional knowledge with innovative technology in order to understand what's right for you.

  • Transparent

    We believe in transparency, which is why we'll always let you know where we source our ingredients.

  • Easy

    One simple, convenient daily sachet - because life is too short for cupboards overflowing with tubs, tubes and pouches.

  • Personal

    Personalisation is also about support, which is why you'll have ongoing (and free!) access to a qualified nutritionist.

Learn how we evaluate our products

Scientific research is dynamic and ever-evolving. We consistently evaluate the research into the ingredients we use in Personalised products. Based on the findings of this research, we classify each product based on its proven efficacy. These classifications are based on the consistency of results, variance between multiple studies, and the reliability of the research’s methodology.

  • Mixed Bag Research

    A mix of positive and inconclusive results. Like the latest boxset leaving us on that cliff-hanger.

  • Emerging Research

    The research here is evolving but is looking promising. Like a NY resolution that's still alive in February.

  • On Point Research

    Extensive research and positive results. Like going for a personal best ... and knowing you've got it.

  • Bang-on Research

    There is a large amount of scientific consensus and very few who doubt the research. Mic drop.

  • Timeless Research

    Ingredients trusted by ancient cultures that were here long before the modern world of supps and shakers.

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