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Maca Powder

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Support your sexual desire and libido with our Maca. Research suggests it improves fertility, libido and stress management. 

30 Days

What the Research Says

Sexual desire can be affected by a multitude of factors througout life, including age, stress and nutritional deficiencies. Maca has been shown to have a positive role on libido in men.

Nutritionist - Nuna Kamhawi

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What the Nutritionist says

Macca, has many strings to its bow, enhancing your sexual desire, supporting your hormones and it tastes great too! Empty your capsule into your smoothie for a bit of sweetness.

How It Helps

Men aged 21-56 years received Maca in one of two doses: 1,500 mg or 3,000 mg or placebo. An improvement in sexual desire was observed with Maca since 8 weeks of treatment.

  • 1 No of Studies
  • Yes Double Blind placebo
  • 2003 Years Of Studies


Maca Powder

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Maca Extract


3000mg Maca

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