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Lipase Enzyme

£5.00 30 Days (£0.16 per day)

Support your digestion with lipase, the fat digesting enzyme.

30 Days

What the Research Says

With our increasingly fast paced lifestyle and stress factors, most of us are experiencing more and more digestive upset. If you find your digestion needs an extra helping hand, evidence suggests that lipase can help breakdown the fats in the foods you eat.

Nutritionist - Nuna Kamhawi

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What the Nutritionist says

Fat, the taste sensation that brings flavour to food! Neither over doing fat or under doing fat are encouraged and if you find your stools floating or you have a nut addiction  you might find lipase to be a helping hand.

How It Helps

Lipase is naturally produced by the pancreas, however you may wish to supplement your diet with extra lipase if you find you struggle to digest large amounts of fat without side effects such as bloating or discomfort.


Lipase Enzyme

The Fat Enzyme

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Lipase Enzyme


750mg Lemon Balm

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