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Ageing is out of our control, but with Astaxanthin we can help support against cell damage. This is why we have recommended the potent antioxidant. This incredible active ingredient helps support and also improve the way the immune system functions.

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What the Research Says

The unique chemical structure of Astaxanthin explain some of its features, particularly a higher antioxidant activity than other carotenoids. In particular, ASX has been reported to exhibit multiple biological activities to preserve skin health

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What the Nutritionist says

A wonderful bio hacker for anti-aging as it is a crucial role in oxidative damage.

How It Helps

Oxidative stress plays a crucial role in human skin aging and damage. Comparative studies examining the photoprotective effects of carotenoids have demonstrated that astaxanthin is a superior antioxidant and has positive effects on oxidative damage in skin cells in vitro.

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