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Your zinc supplement is essential for many functions in your body, including immunity and healthy skin.

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What the Research Says

Zinc is often referred to by nutritionists and health experts as the 'healing mineral', mainly because of its pivotal role is many essential functions in the body, including optimal immunity, skin health for its role in cell renewal and also formation of hormones such as testosterone.

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Moderate Research

What the Nutritionist says

Zinc the antisocial mineral. It likes to be taken at night alone. If you feel nauseas when taking zinc, take with food. Nausea  may also be an indication you are lacking digestive enzymes.

How It Helps

A double blind randomised control trial of 409 children found that daily zinc supplementation reduced incidence of respiratory infections by 45%.

  • 6 No of Studies
  • Yes Double Blind placebo
  • 1998 Years Of Studies

We know that acne is a multifaceted condition, but some evidence suggests that taking a zinc supplement can improve acne, when compared to a placebo. For example, in a double-blind investigation of 54 patients suffering from acne, the effect of 0.6 g of oral zinc sulphate daily versus placebo was studied. During the active treatment period of 6 weeks, the acne improved by about one-third, as rated with a score system.

  • 1 No Of Studies
  • Yes Double Blind Placebo
  • 1977 Years Of Study



The Healing Mineral  

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