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Try these 3 simple diet tricks to lose that extra lockdown weight.

Before lockdown, most of us likely spent our weeks rushing around, going to meetings, running for trains and generally being pretty active, even if we weren't gym goers. But now our routine has been taken away from us, it's possible that some of us may notice weight gain as a result of being static for weeks on end.

Here's how to overcome the risk of weight gain as we continue working from home.

1. Switch up your snacks.

Our diet is the first thing that needs attention if you are noticing weight gain, and when we are bored, it's common to reach for sugary, processed, high in fat snacks. Try and switch unhealthy snacks to healthy but satisfying alternatives, such as dried mango, over roasted chickpeas or peanut butted stuffed dates to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Personalised Tip:

Try starting a food diary in a spare notebook. Every single thing you eat, write down, and with each day become more mindful about what you're putting into your body and the effect it may be having on your weight.

2. Decrease portion size at meals, and skip seconds.

So once you're eating healthily, try to keep an eye on how much you're eating at meals, and whether you keep going for seconds. Extra weight gain might be coming just from an excess in calories due to large portions. It's very common to continue eating even well after we're full, so try your best to portion control.

Personalised Tip:

Drink a glass of water before you have a meal, you'll feel full quicker!

3. Get your daily workout in.

Dieting will only work wonders if you move your body too - even if you never used to workout pre-lockdown, now is your time to start. The normal bustle and movement of everyday life has gone, leaving you with no choice but to move your body consciously, through workouts, running, walking or cycling.