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‘The importance of Morning Routines with Bryony Monaghan’

This week we caught up with Bryony Monaghan to talk about the complex topic of health & wellness and more specifically, morning routines. Bryony is a personal trainer & fitness instructor, studying to be a health & wellbeing practitioner. You can find her on Instagram @bryfoodie_pt.


Interview questions:  

  1. As a brand fully focused on health and wellness, we recognize how important it is to take care of ourselves, physically and mentally. We would love to know what inspired you to embark on your journey as a health and wellness practitioner? 

I love empowering individuals to feel amazing and to be the best versions of themselves possible, it’s extremely inspiring and I enjoy seeing people glow on their health and wellness journeys. When I communicate to men/women about transforming their lives, as a personal trainer, I view the journey as a ‘holistic approach’. This is achieved by shifting energy and raising your vibration through a manner which is easy to assist and guide. I was inspired to study as a health and wellbeing practitioner due to wanting people to heal, not only through medicine, but through a whole-body methodology, taking into consideration personal attitudes, practices, lifestyle habits and spiritual health!

  1. What are the pillars of health & wellness? 

There are many pillars when forming a relationship to your higher self on a health and wellness journey, for example- physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional and social health. These determinants seem overwhelming and can block people’s intuitive thoughts, however this is where I guide individuals in helping them make the best decisions suited for them, ensuring they overcome these certain boundaries- nothing is impossible!

  1. Do you think society has a good understanding of what health & wellness really is? 

I believe society is ever learning, mainly though the eye of social media and the current holistic accounts based around health, wellbeing and nutrition. Its extremely important to remember that everyone views ‘health’ differently, as everyone has diverse goals. Wellness is how well you achieve this through the journey you take- and whether the journey is sustainable for the individual.

  1. This week we are focusing on the importance of a morning routine, and we would love to know what your routine is and what inspired you to start it?

I love this- a morning routine is my main form of inspiration for the day ahead. I love seeing everyone’s morning routines, however mine is very simple in comparison but I love the rituals I include. 

Firstly, I wake up in the morning always starting my day of with a BIG glass of water, due to being in a fasting period, I allow my body to feel rejuvenated and hydrated. I then stay in bed and journal (normally no longer than 5-10 mins) my journal routine consists of a gratitude list, and an affirmation script. I will be mentioning more about this on my Instagram soon, as it transformed my outlook and perspective on the day ahead. If you want to check this out, my account is @bryfoodie_pt. I then clean my space, eat breakfast and have a coffee ofc😊 it’s simple but it works for me, I don’t feel disheartened if I miss part of the routine out, or wake up late, it’s that simple that I just carry on with my day and don’t let it affect me massively.



  1. What can we all gain from starting the day with a routine?

You gain structure and a positive mindset throughout the day with a routine! However, a precise morning routine works for some- but not all. You need to find out what makes you feel the best/ most relaxed in the morning, for some this might be having a slow morning including yoga and stretching, whereas for others this could be waking up and doing a fasted HIIT workout. It depends on what makes you feel best and what you can maintain easily!

  1. Is it true that we are all more productive in the morning? Does this really apply to everyone?

In general I feel like once everything is complete in the morning, it creates a better day ahead (less likely to stress etc)! Nevertheless, I have some really productive friends at university who smash deadlines the evening before the hand in, this STRESSES me out! But for them it works, so everyone is definitely productive at different times of the day, for sure!

  1. How can we introduce a morning routine into our lives if we really struggle to get up in the morning?

Set up the evening before, get an alarm set, note book out, glass of water on the side table (with vitamins etc). I feel like setting things up visually is the way forward in manifesting your dream life!

  1. What is the relationship between productivity and mental health? Do you think they go hand in hand or work antagonistically? 

I believe they work hand in hand with each other. Being productive suggests we are prioritizing our own time, creating a feeling of self-love and self-worth, which in turn implies that we are working towards ourselves without realising. This creates a healthier mindset and outlook on life.

  1. Do you have any life hacks or tips you can share with us that you think can really improve our daily moods?

Firstly, counting your blessings and being grateful really helps when I find myself shifting into bad habits. Secondly, I rely on communicating with friends and family. Speaking to others, especially people you look up to, can really increase your mood and change the way you feel. Lastly, walking. Sometimes I don’t feel like running or working out, but I still want to move my body- this is why walking is so important. Fresh air is medicine, honestly.

  1. We know how much detrimental content there is out there on social media, that can negatively impact our health & wellness- what do you find most annoying and unhelpful?

Social media is a great platform. However, it comes down to who you follow and how you use it. For me, following accounts which are wholesome, real and inspiring helps my personal journey. This content boosts my vibration and helps me to create the life I want to live and aspire to. The accounts I love are non-diet culture accounts, meaning I follow intuitive eaters that practice mindfulness, through creating healthy alternatives but listen to their bodies and intuition. I find this content so fulfilling and I love women that help other women by giving useful advice that assists in improving their life! Social media can be a truly amazing place. In the future, I would love there to be a place that all these accounts work together. That is what I am working towards with my Instagram😊