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Supercharge your immune system from home.

Supercharge your immune system from home.

Keeping our immune system strong is crucial in these times of uncertainty, and having a diet rich in colourful fruits, veg and legumes is the easiest and most effective way to keeping bright eyed and bright minded.


Garlic and Ginger: The Power Duo


Adding these two power foods into your meals will start to boost your body’s natural defences, thanks to ginger’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, and garlic’s natural medicinal qualities. Garlic contains ‘allicin,’ which demonstrates antibacterial, anti-cancer and immune boosting qualities.


Make ginger tea yourself by chopping up fresh ginger and adding hot water and honey. Enjoy in the evening to flush out bodily toxins and boost your defences.

 Transformative Turmeric

We all remember when Turmeric lattes became the UK’s biggest drink trend, but many of us don’t realise what a powerhouse of goodness Turmeric really is, with proven anti-inflammatory effects, analgesic properties (helps to relieve pain) and antibacterial compounds.


Why not have a go at perfecting your own turmeric latte recipe from home? Try adding black pepper, a dash of maple syrup, and coconut milk for a delicious immune-boosting tonic.

Go Nuts for Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are bursting with selenium, which is a key mineral for giving our white blood cell’s a helping hand in warding off viruses.


The next time you reach out for an afternoon snack, try munching on some mixed nuts. They’re packed with protein, selenium and healthy fats to name a few.

Keep Moving

It can be tempting to use our down time to binge watch series and find ourselves sitting down for long periods of time, but self-care comes in many forms. To really take care of our bodies, we need to allow them to move. Exercise boosts our immunity by flushing out bacteria and lowering blood pressure, as well as supporting our white blood cells and getting them ready for potential combat!


Aim for 30 minutes of physical exercise per day, such as cycling, jogging, home workouts or even brisk walking.