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Struggle Sleeping? Check Out This Game Changing Bedtime Routine.

Mind buzzing? Can't lay still? Worrying about tomorrow?

We know how you feel. The truth is, a good night's sleep starts way before you actually get into bed. Switching off in time for a sleep is all about re-introducing a bedtime routine and sticking to it.

1. Have a dedicated time to turn off gadgets.

Make sure you have specific time set to turn off your phone, iPad or laptop, and make sure it's at least 1 hour before you get into bed. Because, even though you might think scrolling Instagram before lights out is relaxing, what you're actually doing is stimulating the brain and keeping the mind active.

2. Dim your lights

Start dimming the lights in your bedroom and bathroom as you begin your bedtime routine in the evening, which will signal to your brain that the day is ending and it's time to relax.

3. Have a dimly lit bath with lavender oil.

Light a few candles and put a few drops of lavender essential oil in your bath to induce feelings of calm.


4. Note down tomorrow's tasks, and tonight's thoughts.

Buy yourself a new, fresh notepad that stays on your bed-side table, and half an hour before you go to sleep, make a list of everything that needs doing tomorrow, as well as all your current worries, concerns or thoughts.

5. Read for 15 minutes.

By the time you get to the final stage of reading, we bet you'll already be feeling ready to drop off to sleep at any moment. Reading something light before bed will reset your mind, bringing it gently to state of rest and stillness.