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Protein 101

What is protein and why do we need it?

Protein is one of the 3 macronutrients in our diet that our body needs to remain healthy and functional.Our bodies are mostly made up of protein, so it comes as no surprise that we need it for the production of healthy hair, skin, bones, muscle and more. It’s also particularly important for our bodies to make antibodies, which are an essential part of our immune system that help fight against illnesses and infections. 

You can find protein in most foods, but the best sources are meat, fish, dairy, eggs, beans, pulses and nuts. It’s really important that you spread out your protein intake throughout the day, so that you are consuming it with breakfast, lunch and dinner. And in your snacks too! If you are a vegetarian, it is vital that you are getting more than one source of protein so that you are supplying your body with a range of different amino acids. That just means having a variety of veggies in your diet- not just relying on a can of baked beans. Try mixing between chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans and anything else you can get your hands on!

Why take a protein supplement?

Whether your goals are to get lean, bulk up or just include more protein in your diet, protein supplements can be a really convenient alternative to real food. It can often prove quite difficult to reach your protein targets through food alone, so adding a protein powder can make the journey much easier, especially if you are living a busy lifestyle. If your goal is weight loss, consuming a higher protein diet will help you feel fuller for longer, reduce snacking and help you maintain lean muscle mass. If your goal is to bulk up, protein supplements can be an easier way to get more protein into your day, without having to chow down on a big meal every 2 hours.