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Keeping Your Anxiety at Bay During Isolation

How to:

Keep Anxiety at Bay During Isolation




It’s difficult to just stop. Stop moving, stop rushing, stop catching trains and going to meetings. In today’s fast paced world, we often thrive off being busy and productive, and staying constantly connected and updated via our smartphones.


So what happens when we do stop? When we’re forced to work from home? Many people may be experiencing anxiety due to the lack of routine we’ve become so used to. So how can we relax and stop anxiety niggling us every day?


  1. Tech-free hour of the day

    Try to dedicate 1 hour of the day to yourself, minus the tech. You could go for a walk and leave your phone behind, pick up a book and read with a cup of tea, or practice some gentle stretches. See how your anxiety levels drop by the end of the hour.

    If you manage an hour, why not try extending your tech free time to 2 hours, or even half a day when you’re not working?
  2. Establish a Routine, even on days off.

    We know it’s tempting to lie in till 12pm whenever possible, but try to get up at a similar time each day and keep a routine to ward off anxiety and feelings of unproductiveness. Why not start every day with a simple to do list, outlining what you wish to complete that day, no matter how small. 

  3. Keep Active.

    It can be challenging to stay motivated to workout at home, so try using Instagram to follow guided workouts or live streams, and make sure you’re staying active for 30 minutes each day. Your mind will feel a lot clearer.

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  4. Switch off the news.

    Turn off the TV and avoid reading constant News updates which continue to fuel anxiety and fear.

  5. Enjoy the simple things.

    Remember, it’s ok to take time out, and not be busy every hour of the day. Enjoy and be mindful of the simple things — good food, family time and sunshine on your face are all worth being grateful for.