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Good Sunday Evening Habits

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Sam Zappi (Co-Founder) - 3 minute read

The steps to make to improve your Sunday evening routine.

Sam Zappi                                 June 12th, 2020
Co-Founder                                       3 min read

Take these 7 steps to improve your Sunday routine. 

1. Schedule your exercise for the week ahead

I have a weekly wall planner where I write what exercise I plan to do on what days, split into mornings and evenings. I also put any social engagements here too so I don’t forget!

Now, scheduling your exercise doesn’t guarantee you’ll do it, going for a run at 6am in the freezing cold, isn't fun! But as long as you do it 80% of the time, it's not that bad to roll over and hit the snooze button on more time.  

2. Pick out your clothes for Monday

This is just something I’ve always done. I like my mornings to be calm and not rushed, so I always pick out my outfit the night before. It saves time in the morning and you feel that little bit more prepared to kick butt on Monday I find.

3. Be proactive about hydration.

Put a jug of water in the fridge on Sunday night so that it’ll be cold and ready to drink Monday. This way you can stay ahead of the hydration game. 

I use to prepare my supplements at this point, but nowadays I just have my Personalised Co vitamin tower & when I get up I take my daily vitamin pack then, I really do love the product the team and myself have built. it makes it so quick to take my daily supplements and its all personalised to what my body needs. 

4. List out your goals.

It’s time to break out that handy list-making technique. Spend a few minutes brainstorming goals you’d like to accomplish by the end of the week. Figure out what is realistic to complete this week, and then decide what you are going to do to get it done. Spending time listing what you want to accomplish will keep you motivated, focused, and on the right track.

5. Get to bed early.

Your sleep schedule can have a direct impact on your health. Always plan to get at least seven hours of sleep each night so that you can feel fully refreshed and ready to take on the day. Check out this article to sleep better.

Out with the old health habits, in with the new 💊

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