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5 Reasons Personalised Co Vitamins are the easiest resolution to keep

It’s time! 2020 is here. The holidays have left me boozy and carb-filled but alas, here I am, entering into a new decade looking back with only a smidge of reluctance and looking forward with an abundant (foolish?) optimism. Pen in hand, I’m writing down my New Year’s resolutions.

Yes, I am…pumped. I think. To be real, while there’s a lot the 20-teens taught me about taking control of my health (I figured out drinking my greens was easier than eating them and that I prefer low-impact exercise), there’s still a lot about my health and lifestyle that’s left to be desired.

I party, I stay up late and I don’t always eat my vegetables, but that’s where Personalised Co comes in to help me fill in the gaps. Here are five reasons why sticking to my vitamin routine is the absolute easiest thing on my list this year:

1. Personalised Co Vitamin Quiz is a health goal game-changer

Personalised Co offers a simple (thank goodness) and speedy (just 5 minutes!) online quiz to help you figure out exactly what you’ll need, because, you know, the vitamin aisle is kind of scary. Through a short series of uncomplicated questions about your diet, lifestyle, and health concerns, Personalised Co customises a vitamin pack just for you. Based on my answers, like mentioning I have food allergies and trouble with afternoon energy drops & spend all day in an office, Personalised Co recommended I take Vitamin D and B Complex. Because I also mentioned that I'm also vegan, B12 was added to my pack.

2. Staying on track is made simple with simple daily sachets (100% recyclable) 

This makes taking my vits every day super simple, I leave the vitamin tower by my desk at work or in my bathroom & every morning I just rip open the sachet & drink them with my personalised co sustainable water bottle, they give everyone a free one with their first order. 

3. Its all backed by research

When I first got my results I was intrigued — I had never heard of most of these supplements before or their benefits. When I clicked on each supplement to learn more, I discovered all of the information Personalised Co provides about its vitamins are backed by research and on-staff nutritionists, and it’s all served to you on Personalised Co's website in no-nonsense, easy to digest language.

4. Routine is portable and quick

Going out of town? No problem. Don’t have time to unscrew and re-screw a thousand vitamin bottle lids every day? Me neither. Personalised Co makes consistency KEY by allowing me to take my little vitamin packets with me anywhere. I always throw a couple in my bag to have on hand in case I end up out and about unexpectedly, that way I’ll never get off track. And taking them is as easy as dumping them out and grabbing a glass of water. Oh, and those packets with your name printed on them? They’re fully recyclable. 


5. It’s Beaut-i-ful

In what might be the feature that most appeals to me, Personalsied Co packaging and branding are thoughtfully designed. I like to keep the box my packs arrive in plain sight on my kitchen or work counter because it is just, that, cute. Much better than a big collection of the exact same store-bought vitamins in their bulky bottles would look in your cabinet, no? And it takes up so much less space! It’s a load off my mind — and helps me to keep my “declutter the home” resolution that much easier, too. The beauty of Personalised Co makes my vitamin routine feel like a little gift I give to myself each day, and don’t we all want a little more of those in 2020?

Every new customer receives a free sustainable water bottle, all you need to do is checkout with your order (you don't even have to subscribe)