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Taking them for about 10 days now, and I can feel the difference already. I absolutely LOVE them!

Jessica B.


My new routine has completely changed my life. I've never had so much energy, I feel great.

Sophie M.


I FINALLY found something that works! Skin feels amazing and I'm way less self conscious.

Lucy A.


This is by far the BEST supplement company I have come across. Absolutely nailed my deficiencies and really sorted me out.

Ashley G.


The quiz works magic. Hair longer than ever just in time for my wedding.

Olivia N.


I used to get colds all the time and now I literally haven’t had one in months, I can’t believe it!

Maria C.


I LOVE IT! One month in and I am able to workout without my joints aching. Thanks Personalised Co.

Amelia P.

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What Nutritionists Say

Dimitra Sentelidou

Senior Nutritionist

(Personalised Co.) is not a regular vitamin high street shop, it's actually a step above that. And it's much better than anything that I've tried that's over-the-counter.

Nuna Kamhawi

Nutrition Science Lead

Ever since I found my Personalised routine my skin has gotten more youthful. I have not experienced any breakouts. And it's something that worked really quick.

Ruby Kohistani

Head of Innovation

Without a doubt, the supplementation Personalised Co. offers has been one of the most effective treatments that I've found to boost my energy and immune system.

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Hours of tests to bring you the best supplements

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“Simple, easy and accurate." - Louise. C

“Feeling so fresh since taking vits regulary” - Tamsin K.

“Best results after trying 3 other companies” - Latisha S.

“Finally stayed consistent taking my vitamins” - Annie P.

“Nicely packaged, timely and easy” - Steph B.

“Life changing” - Zoe C.

“Excellent service yet again!!” - Will M.

“Very fast shipping, right on time” - Alice T.

“Top notch customer service” - Dale W.

“Perfect fit for my needs” - Kristine H.

“It's just easy!” - Sarah G.

“I love having all of my daily vitamins” - Sian T.

The Personalised Co. Promise

We keep research and care at the heart of our business. We only ever use the best, high-quality active ingredients to keep our vitamins free of chemicals and other toxins, and we are proud that our plastic-free packaging means Personalised vitamins are both great for you, and the planet. 

Made in the UK

Strict Compliance

Exceptional Ingredients

NON-GMO Process

4.9/5.0 (586 reviews)

Frequently asked questions

How does my subscription work?

Once you take our quiz and confirm your Personalised order, you will automatically be set up with a subscription. Don’t worry though - you can pause, shift, gift or cancel at any time, no questions asked.

How do I edit my plan?

Simply go into your account and access ‘My Plan’. Here you will be able to edit your subscription settings. 

Can I change my next delivery date?

Absolutely! All deliveries are flexible - again, just access your account and click on ‘My Plan’. There you can see your next estimated delivery date and edit it as necessary.

Can I retake the quiz for a new recommendation?

Of course - in fact, we encourage you to do exactly that! Our body’s requirements fluctuate from month to month, so it’s important you check in with our Personalised nutritionists to make sure we don’t need to mix things up a little.

4.9/5.0 (586 reviews)