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Prenatal Vitamins

The perfect prenatal pack to give both you and your baby the most essential daily nutrition before, during and after your pregnancy.

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Why choose Personalised

  • Insight

    We've brought together a team of nutritionists and tech-focused people to build a super-algorithm. We'll guide you to the best supplements for your brain and body through our Personalised quiz.

  • Open

    You deserve to know the truth. We will always tell you where our supplements are sourced from, and what exactly is going into your body and why - because we care about honesty, as much as we care about your health.

  • Easy

    Wellbeing in your pocket: a live nutritionist is always on standby, just for you. Whatever you need to know, we’ve got you 24/7. #RealTalk.

  • Personal

    With a live nutritionist on stand-by just for you, it’s like having the Alexa of wellbeing in your pocket. Whenever you need to reach out. Whatever you need to know. We’ve got you 24-7. #RealTalk.

Meet the Nutritionist

Firstly, I want to say thank you for stopping by. I'm/We're super happy that you found us, and that you're stepping up your health game.

It's not always easy to take the first step, or even the last – which is why we're here with you at every stage of your journey (optional - and wherever you are right now is the best place to start).

A bit about me? Well, when I'm not living and breathing all things wellbeing, I like to relax by tending to my house plants and love giving baby plants to my friends.

I've always been interested in wellness, and I personally believe that a positive outlook combined with the perfect blend of vits and supps can help us excell at anything we put our minds to.

Which is why I'm so excited to team up with Personalied Co. Not only are we physically here for you (we even pick up the phone), but we've created a whole business around what it is you (and you alone) most need to get the most out of life – because life is for living!

Hannah x

Our Ingredients

Our pills are as pure and absorbable as possible. Which means sticking two fingers up to fillers, binders, chemicals and bulking agents.

Here are the No No ingredients you should be looking out for: Gluten, dairy, soy and allergens, Artificial colourings, E(vil) No’s.

We say competitor but really, we’re running our own race and have no desire to be better than anyone. Because this isn’t about us at all – it’s about you. Which means making sure you’re dropping the most bioavailable, seasonally-sourced ingredients this fine planet has to offer. (and without all that bulking rubbish, you get all the bang – without the bite)."

Worldwide Sourcing

Never Ending Search

From the forests and mountains, to the deserts and seas, one of the most exciting things about our beautiful planet is that it keeps giving us new discoveries. As you begin this journey with us, you’ll see our map grow as we continue to unearth new ingredients from all over the globe.


Originating in France, our berries have a long history of cultivation.









Now, we aren't saying that we're perfect, but we're trying – bit by bit. In fact, it's our belief that if everyone did their bit in trying to become more sustainable, then we could all build a healthier planet, together. Our bit right now is evolving our packaging to be fully compostable, right now our sachets are recyclable, but our 2nd batch is going to be compostable, and we have even bigger dreams for the future. Healthy people. Healthy planet x

Your deliveries will be picked, packed & shipped within 24 hours of your order. Delivery should be expected 3-5 working days after. 

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Our formulas and our recommendations are designed by our team of nutritionists who take into account the latest scientific research to ensure your body is getting exactly what you need! We even present you with our research.